Welcome to the fledgling web presence of JETAA Pittsburgh!

[June 2017] Added our mission and vision statement to “About,” and continuing to make small updates.

[March 2017] We’ve been active on Facebook for many years, but are in the process of migrating to a website and beyond. Please be patient as we get set up here! For now, you can find us on Facebook, or email us to reach out directly.

For recently accepted JET participants:

CONGRATULATIONS! You must be excited (and a bit terrified)! We’re here to help you prepare for your journey.

For recent returnees from Japan:

Okaerinasai! We’ve all been there – the ups and downs of reverse culture shock, finding a job and paving our own paths upon returning. Please reach out to us for solidarity, friendship, and support.

For FOJs (“friends of JET”):

Hey! We’re really glad you’ve stuck around to support us and encourage our love of Japan. Allow us to collectively reel you in. 😉

For people interested in the JET Program and/or Japanese culture:

Hey, yinz! We’re hoping to connect at a grassroots level with various Japanese cultural groups and events around town. For now, we’d just love to get to know you! And if you’re applying to the JET Program, we’re happy to give you a realistic picture of what life on JET will be like.

For people outside Pittsburgh proper:

Hello! Any of you, no matter where in the country or world you live, are more than welcome to join us at any of our events. We know that our events are all in the city of Pittsburgh, but I hope that won’t discourage you from reaching out so we can at least connect and chat online.